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Some Television Shows Say It All…

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall trends, weather and festivities.

I know that this is my absolute favorite time of year. In the retail world though, it begins in JULY and ends in SEPTEMBER! Isn’t that crazy?! Stores are worried about stalking fall clothes while we’re still thinking about how it is still a million and a half degrees outside.

Throughout the season, I have been keeping an eye out of places to pick up trends that can be mocked or adapted to turn into my own.

This is what I’ve found:

  1. Fashion Police - The show stars the ever popular Joan Rivers. She, along with a few other fashion gurus have an incredibly hilarious show that gives fashion advice, outfit ideas and a whole lot of laughs. If I see something I like on the show, I try to find a cheaper version at Forever 21 or online somewhere.
  2. Project Runway - The show stars the supermodel, Heidi Klum, as the host and pushed aspiring designers to make new outfits based on the challenge. Some of the stuff they come up with is incredible! 

There are some really great websites to get more information about fashion, trends, and looks for less! Check them out…

I know we’re a little old, but Seventeen Magazine’s website has AMAZING ideas that are updated weekly!

Another good one is a website called Real Beauty. This site features everything that you need to complete your outfit and feel good about yourself from tips, to ideas to advice.

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Some Of My Favorites I Bought This fall!

This dress I got a Forever21 about two weeks ago and I am in love with it. I pair it with a black, long sweater and a gold belt and I’ve got an outfit fit for fall!

These boots are my FAVORITE! I just got them at Payless and every time I wear them I get compliments. They are super comfortable too!

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I Think I Forgot To Mention…

When putting together a look, clothes come first, then comes hair and makeup.

That is a whole entity in its self… one that can be harder to master than you think.

My good friend, and fellow fashionista, Lillian Masie, has solidified a fan-base by teaching girls everywhere how to do hair and makeup via youtube.

So, I’m here to share her secrets with you.




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I’ve Got A Secret…

Shopping for a bunch of new clothes every season can be really expensive, and if you’re a broke college kid like me, it’s not always an option.

So, what to do?

Learn how to take pieces that transcend just one season and use them again!

I have this fantastic army green, high-wasted skirt that I got almost two years and I still wear it!

You have to figure out what pieces have characteristics of things that are in style now, such as color, fit or design. This is something that I LOVE to do. I love going through my old clothes and adding a belt or a sweater and creating a whole new outfit.

So, you savvy, sassy, smart shopper… look in your closet for something that you bought over a year ago and make it work! Throw on a pair of rockin’ heels with your new creation and see what you come up with it.

Who knows, you may already own your favorite outfit:)

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I Dare You To Try This!

Leggings, boots and leg warmers… my good friend swears it’s the hot new trend, and I have to agree.

I like the layered look… like how we used the layer tight-fitted T-shirts with lace tank tops coming out of the bottom.

Check it out HERE



Leg Warmers


Add a great tunic on top and there you go! A fashion-forward, fall, comfy outfit!

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Oh How I Love That DRESS!

My style is extremely girly. I love bows, ruffles and dresses and I love being able to dress them down to wear every day.

How do you make a dress everyday-wearable without feeling overdressed? Add flats and a sweater. You can take that same dress and add some heels and big earrings and you’ve got a going out or perfect holiday party look.

Let’s put together two outfits:


First of all: The dress

Casual: Sweater



Party: Heels

          Big Earrings


First of all: The Dress

Casual: Sweater



Party: Heels

         Big Earrings

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I Enjoy Being a Girl!

I love dresses! They are probably one of my favorite things to wear! So, now that it’s fall, grab a great casual fall dress, pair it with some strappy sandals and some glam earrings.

I love girly dresses. They make me feel so pretty and they are so easy to wear! Try something with ruffles and or with a belt to make a statement. 

You can add a sweater to make a sundress to turn your summer look one acceptable for fall. Rachel Bilson did a whole article on it for Instyle Magazine.

I like dresses with sleeves because you can dress the up or down. Add heels for a night look or throw on flats or sandals for a day look.

So, grab one of your favorite sundresses and glam it up for fall! If it’s cold enough, throw on a pair of tights along with the sweater to make your dress wearable as the weather gets colder.

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The Fashions you NEED for Fall 2011 are HERE:)

October is almost half way over so according to the retail world, fall is well underway.

This is personally my favorite season both for the weather and for the fashion!

So, what does one need this fall? A good cardigan that can be paired with fabulous fitting jeans and a chunky necklace that can spice up any outfit.

As far as shoes go, I am a huge fan of the cutoff boots. I love them for this season! (I actually just bought a pair!)

Grab a great tunic and pair it with your new cutoff boots and a pair of leggings and you’ve got a comfy, yet stylish fall outfit.

Things to try:

-Pair colors together that you wouldn’t normally (for me, teal and orange… but teal jewelry compliments an orange sweater nicely…)

-Try on something that you don’t love on the hanger, you might love it on!

-Mix old pieces from your wardrobe with new accessories to create new looks (pair a chunky necklace with an old, loose fitting sweater to create a relaxed yet stylish look)

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The Beautiful Colors of Fall are Here!

Happy Fall everyone! In the fashion world, this means leaving behind those light colored clothes, and bringing on the neutral colors… or does it?

When most people think fall colors they think browns, tans, reds and sometimes orange. But this fall, I’m asking you to challenge that! Keep up the color!

So, how to make this seasonal transition easy? Well, you can start by adding a few colorful accessories to your wardrobe. Colorful earrings can brighten up your classic fall-colored sweater!

Accessories can do so much for your outfit! If you’re into big earrings, spice up your classic t-shirt, and if subtlety is more your thing, try smaller pops of color.

I really like light pink for fall this year. Adding that little pop of color into your wardrobe could easily make a graceful statement. Try a little pink knit dress and pair it with boots or if it’s colder, add some tight and a blazer!

Here are my favorite links for all your fall fashion needs:




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Please Pay Attention to the Wonderful World of the B-R-A

Every girl better be rockin’ one of these daily. If you’re not, please continue reading and take care of this issue. I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of seeing the headlights, the “saggyness” or the bad bra straps hanging out of tank tops.

Oprah has done shows about it and has a whole web page devoted to finding the perfect bra ( So, this is obviously an important topic that is not given enough attention.

"It’s so soft, it’s like my girls are being swaddled in a blanket. Really, it’s a beautiful bra. I think it’s because you get what you pay for with bras," said a good friend of mine when I spoke to her about the subject. Her favorite is the Showstopper by Victoria’s Secret. These bras are a little on the pricey side ranging from $45 to $55, but having just one in your wardrobe can make a huge difference.

For me, I personally am a huge fan of Gilligan & O’Malley’s bras which can be found at Target stores. They have fantastic support, great styles and as much (or as little) padding to fit all types. Their prices range from about $15 to $20.

So here’s what I suggest: got to Victoria’s Secret (or another fancy bra boutique) and get yourself fitted. Then buy one bra that makes you feel so va-va-voom you almost can’t stand it. Once you’ve got your one hot-shot bra and you know your size and exact measurements, head over to Target and find yourself other well-fitting bras that make you feel confident (and fit!) without breaking the bank.

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